Mar 15, 2017No Comments

Interactive object-recognition surface The atracBar transforms the conventional counter, bar top or information desk into an illuminated interactive surface that will react to the objects

3D-Printed Wellboard

Mar 15, 2017No Comments

3D-printed corrugated wooden material Wellboard is a lightweight, cellulose-based material pressed into a variety of profiles for use in exhibition, shop and furniture design applications.

3D PatternPrint

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Digital printing on moldable plastics 3D PatternPrint is a new way of sublimation-printing on plastic. Designer Mary Crisp created 3D PatternPrint to bring together 2D-printed

River Glow

Nov 27, 2009No Comments

Network of floating pods with public interface to water quality Developed by David Benjamin and Soo-in Yang, River Glow is a system of floating pods

White Noise White Light

Nov 24, 2009No Comments

Interactive fiber-optic field Meejin Yoon’s White Noise White Light was a temporary interactive light-and-sound installation commissioned and installed for the Athens 2004 Olympics. The project

Low Rez LED Net

Oct 18, 2009No Comments

Interactive double-sided LED media net Low Rez LED Net is part of a custom-built interactive public art installation consisting of a series of double-sided LED

Ombrae System

Sep 29, 2009No Comments

Sculptural imaging with optical tile Ombrae System is a patent-pending computer-based image-processing system that allows for any digital image to be embedded directly into any

Accura Bluestone

Sep 22, 2009No Comments

Engineered nanocomposite for stereolithography 3D Systems’s stereolithography process creates three-dimensional objects using a laser to cure sequential layers of material to form shapes that have


Aug 31, 2009No Comments

Dynamic shape-memory-alloy display system PixelSkin02 explores new possibilities in media augmented surfaces by employing the mechanical properties inherent in shape memory alloys (SMA). In an

3D Display Cube

Jul 18, 2009No Comments

LED spatial display unit 3D Display Cube is a true spatial display unit that utilizes one thousand individually controllable LEDs to create three-dimensional forms and