MX3D Metal

March 18, 2018

3D printed metal structures

MX3D Metal is a multiple-axis 3D printing process that creates metal structures in midair. Developed by Netherlands-based Joris Laarman Lab in collaboration with Acotech, the method employs an industrial robot cleverly combined with a welding machine, as well as software custom developed to drive this hardware. The MX3D robot can print using various metals, including steel, stainless steel, aluminum, bronze, or copper, without the need for supporting elements. Starting from an anchored point on a horizontal or vertical surface, the robot delivers molten metal in small increments, resulting in lines of solid metal that emerge in midair. MX3D Metal may be used to create a wide variety of custom-designed structures, including a steel bridge that Joris Laarman Lab has proposed to print over a central waterway in Amsterdam.

Contact: MX3D, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

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