Stone Spray

March 12, 2017

3D printed mineral structures

Stone Spray is a building method that creates structures out of soil. Barcelona-based researchers Anna Kulik, Petr Novikov, and Inder Shergill developed the technique while focusing on methods of additive manufacturing in architecture, aiming to create a new environmentally responsible, efficient, and innovative approach to printing structures.

The mechanized Stone Spray printer collects dirt and sand located on site, mixes them with a binder ingredient, and ejects the mixture from a nozzle. The sand-binder mixture solidifies once it makes contact with a surface, such as a scaffold or metal framework. The designer maintains precise control over the resulting shapes based on the printer’s digital program. Unlike many 3D printers, Stone Spray prints in multiple directions, including vertically.

Contact: Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia, Barcelona, Spain.

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