April 9, 2017

Illuminated responsive water screens

Flow is an art installation that uses one or more custom-designed aluminum square tubes with embedded brass spray nozzles that generate a fine mist of water. The constant flow of water creates a veil or curtain effect, providing a screen on which to project imagery.

Originally conceived by Luftwerk to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the sister city relationship between Chicago and Hamburg, Germany, Flow is inspired by the element of water and its all-encompassing connectivity. The designers first revealed the approach in the outdoor public art exhibition FLOW / Im Fluss, a visualization of the characteristics of the cities’ two rivers: Hamburg’s Elbe and the Chicago River. Luftwerk projected information concerning river health—including chemical pollution and dissolved oxygen levels—onto the mist screens, creating an immersive, three-dimensional display.

Contact: Luftwerk, Chicago, IL, USA.

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