Liquid Crystal Elastomer

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Flexible polymer network with liquid crystal ordering Liquid crystal elastomers (LCEs) are shape-responsive materials that can react to stimuli in the environment. These materials are


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Recycled bicycle inner tube rug Barcelona-based Nanimarquina addresses the problem of waste directly in their carpets. Bicicleta gives a second life to discarded bicycle inner

Aire Pad

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Air filled rubber pad Developed by designer Fabrice Covelli, Aire Pad applies Fproduct’s gel encapsulation technology to non-compressed air trapped within a strong flexible skin.


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Recycled modular interlocking paving tiles Terrewalks is an alternative to concrete sidewalks, made of recycled tire rubber and reused PET plastic. Terrewalks is pervious and


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Cross-linked EVA foam with engineered cell structures Zcell is an engineered foaming cell-structure technology that provides customizable material solutions related to protection requirements. Developed by


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Adaptable silicone material Formerol is a new class of silicone materials that combines the adhesive and room-temperature curing properties of silicone adhesives with the moldability


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Bags and garments made of synthetic human skin SkinBag is a range of clothing and accessories fabricated from synthetic human skin. The skin is latex

Geometric Structure Cushions

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Shape-memory EVA-foam structures Geometric Structure Cushions are porous skeletal structures that can be flattened and return to their original form. Developed by London-based Lauren Moriarty

Noodle Block Cube

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3D cellular shape-memory structures Lauren Moriarty’s Noodle Block Cubes represent intriguing experiments in digitally fabricated three-dimensional cellular structures that may be compressed and return to

Kinetic Glass

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Morphing transparent surface Developed by Soo-in Yang and David Benjamin, Kinetic Glass is a responsive surface that reacts to environmental conditions and changes shape via