Light-Sensitive Concrete

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Light-sensitive interface integrated within a concrete surface Light-Sensitive Concrete is a technology that allows concrete to be sensitive to ambient light levels. It senses the

SLAP Widgets

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Transparent tangible controls for multi-touch tables SLAP Widgets are tangible controls such as knobs, sliders, buttons, and keyboards for interactive tables. They are made of


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Interactive window The beMerlin interactive screen and shopping window allows unprecedented user interactivity. Thanks to a unique movement tracking system, beMerlin works through a wide

Fractal Table

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Rapid-prototyped fractal growth table Rapid Protoyping offers designers the possibilities to explore complex forms in a direct and rapid way. CAD data is transferred directly


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Concrete video screen PIXA, designed by Abhinand Lath, utilizes Sensitile Systems’ light-piping technologies to enable the placement of a precise grid of light guides within

Wall Through Wall Carpets

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Carpet tiles with building-scaled patterns A Wall Through Wall Carpet is the result of a design strategy for buildings in which the perception of space

Laser-Sintered Textiles

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Rapid manufactured textiles Laser-Sintered Textiles, based on a concept by designer Jiri Evenhuis, have opened a new frontier of possibilities for the production of future

Media Cubes

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Tangible media controls Media Cubes invite tangible interaction to control media. Unlike conventional remote devices, this system consists of two cubes made out of wood.


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Sound responsive wood planks The PLANKS are the result of collaboration between artist Henrik Menné and scientist Anna Vallgårda as an exploration into the aesthetic


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Interactive lighting modules Mitosis is a modular lighting system that is always changing. Creator NONdesigns’ goal was to redesign the way that lights are turned