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Mood sensing and communicating apparel The GER Mood Sweater communicates a wearer’s feelings via different colors of illumination that emanate from the collar. Developed by

Seismic Wallpaper

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Earthquake-resistant textile wallpaper As seismologists often like to say, “Earthquakes don’t kill people. Buildings do.” The fact that most earthquake-related deaths are due to collapsing

Fruit Leather Bags

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Leather products made from fruit waste A company in Rotterdam has developed a way to achieve the same tactile qualities of leather without having to


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Low-toxicity nitrocellulose textiles We often think of cotton when it comes to textiles, but manufacturers have also long explored wood as a raw material for

Kinetic Wall

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Dynamic fabric surface Kinetic Wall is a dynamic fabric surface created for the 14th Venice Architecture Biennale. The wall’s movement is activated by a series


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DIY biocomposite textile Cook.to.Design is a playful approach to DIY materials in which anyone can experiment with materials to develop new products. Politecnico di Milano

Continuous Function

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Jute-composite furniture Technology transfer is a potent vehicle for design; it is a productive strategy that involves co-opting the materials or methods from one discipline


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Color-changing microalgae dye Algaemy is a project that investigates the potential of microalgae as a pigment in textile printing. All patterns consist of living, self-harvested


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Rubberized origami textile Orimetric is a flexible, structured textile made from geometric patterns derived from origami. Trex Lab Technology has developed a series of material-molding


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3D textile-clad furnishings Poli is a lounge chair and ottoman set designed by Producks Design Studio in collaboration with textile designer Mika Barr. Each piece