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Pollutant-absorbing paint Ecopaint is a paint that soaks up some of the most noxious gases from vehicle exhausts. The paint is designed to reduce levels

Glass Paint

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Silica-based coating Researchers at Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab have developed an alternative to polymer-based paint by creating a durable, reflective, and inexpensive replacement

Printable Nanosensors

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Printable sensors that indicate material deformation Yeadon Space Agency creates electrically conductive composite materials using carbon nanotube–based inks. The nanotube coatings are durable and moisture


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Robotically crafted murals Colorspaces are robotically crafted drawing installations devised and fabricated by Berlin-based Sonice Development. An autonomous machine with the capacity to move on

Van Gogh Path

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Photoluminescent paving surface The Smart Highway project, developed by Studio Roosegaarde and Heijmans, envisions responsive roadways that employ energy, light, and data to create safer

Smart Paint

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Paint that monitors structural health Scientists at Glasgow’s University of Strathclyde have developed a Smart Paint for monitoring the physical health of the structures it

Propolis Vessels

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Bio-resin coated receptacles Propolis is a biodegradable resin collected by honeybees for patching beehive openings. Its color varies with its particular botanical origins, although brown

E Ink Prism

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Programmable color ink tiles Buildings consist primarily of materials intended to be static and homogeneous. Meanwhile, digital interfaces are typically used episodically in interior spaces,


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Printing with bacteria A course at the Department of Microbiology at the University of Wageningen taught Jelte van Abbema how to handle bacteria and their

Helicone HC

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Liquid crystal effect pigments Unlike commonly known inorganic-effect pigment technologies such as interference and metallics, Helicone HC is based on a purely organic polymer. It