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High-contrast interactive flooring B-surfaces Watercolors are modular floor tiles that contain multiple fluids encapsulated between sealed polymer sheets. Like B.lab Italia’s other liquid-filled surfaces, Watercolors


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Inflatable cell building system Pneumocell is an assembly-kit consisting of inflatable building elements analogous to biological cell-structures, which can be connected in numerous combinations to


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Graphically-enhanced architectural acrylic R-Cast Dura is a new Class A and Class I fire-rated material developed by Reynolds Polymer Technology, Inc. for architectural applications. The

Solar Water Tarp

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Personal vessel for carrying and disinfecting water The Solar Water Disinfecting Tarpaulin is fabricated to be flexible and robust. Layers of rubberized nylon and high

Memorial Rebirth

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Atmospheric thickening Developed by Japanese artist Shinji Ohmaki, Memorial Rebirth is an installation intended to “weave stories with countless bubbles.” The project consists of 50


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Mycological biomaterial Mycoply board is a mycological biomaterial that is actually grown in a few months. It has properties similar to balsa wood and can

ClearSeam ITL

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Self structural translucent wall system Panelite has recently developed the ClearSeam ITL Fabrication System, a clear polycarbonate spine for interlocking self-structural translucent wall panels onsite.


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Water harvesting fabric VapourGuard is a dual-extruded polyethylene material used for dams and reservoirs to harvest and store water. Small drainage holes allow rainwater to

Pneu-Green Facade

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Garden facade with pneumatic outer skin Experimonde has developed a new kind of membrane curtain wall for domestic retrofits. Integrating the idea for an insulating


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Structurally Integrated Transparent solar façade system SITumbra is a passive solar façade system that mediates between the seasons to reduce solar heat gain in summer