Heat Treated Carpet

July 30, 2011
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Reused carpet sheeting material

Carpet is typically used for 7-10 years (residential) or 5-8 years (commercial), and re-carpeting accounts for 55% of all carpet sold. Moreover, carpet has been estimated to require up to two hundred and fifty thousand years to biodegrade.

Heat Treated Carpet is a sheet material produced from polypropylene-based carpet waste. Manufactured by Carpet Burns Ltd., the product is a plywood-style rigid board made from carpet cut-offs, and the colors and patterns of the original carpet remain visible through the surface of the material. Heat Treated Carpet may be drilled, sawn, or molded, and is waterproof, durable, non-porous, and very resistant to staining. In addition, the material is suitable for interior and exterior applications.

Contact: Carpet Burns Ltd., Derby, UK.

For more information, see Transmaterial 3: A Catalog of Materials that Redefine our Physical Environment

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