Solar Ivy

April 9, 2011

Solar energy device inspired by ivy

Solar Ivy is a solar energy generation and delivery system inspired by ivy. Attached to a building façade, its “leaves” are flexible photovoltaic panels that flutter in the wind, creating a kinetic experience. Solar Ivy’s visual appeal and flexible hardware system bring a technology traditionally restricted to the roof to almost any architectural surface.

Solar Ivy’s proprietary design allows each leaf to be customized through color, angle and rotation. Every leaf in a Solar Ivy installation is individually positioned to capture maximum energy from the sun. Solar Ivy’s modular system of components gives users the option to upgrade or expand as solar technology progresses. The modular system ensures that Solar Ivy can be fully disassembled when repairs are necessary, and is completely recyclable at the end of its life cycle.

Contact: SMIT, Brooklyn, NY, USA.

For more information, see Transmaterial 3: A Catalog of Materials that Redefine our Physical Environment

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