Printable Nanosensors

February 20, 2019

Printable sensors that indicate material deformation

Yeadon Space Agency creates electrically conductive composite materials using carbon nanotube–based inks. The nanotube coatings are durable and moisture resistant, and they retain their conductive capacity when stretched or strained, unlike many metal coatings. Yeadon Space Agency introduces nano ink to films, textiles, concretes, and other materials to make composites that function as deformation-monitoring sensors. When electrical current runs through the nanotubes, any material strain changes their resistance, and this change signals that the composite is experiencing deformation. With their responsive capacity, Printable Nanosensors offer the potential to create flexible, lightweight, electrically conductive products that respond to environmental cues via ubiquitous sensing.

Contact: Yeadon Space Agency, Brooklyn, NY, USA.

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