February 17, 2019
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Reverse-processed lumber

NewspaperWood reverses the production process of making paper by making a wood-like material out of newspapers. NewspaperWood feedstocks include both pre- and postconsumer recycled paper from printing presses in Eindhoven, Netherlands, where the material is made. By utilizing a plasticizer- and solvent-free adhesive, the manufacturer ensures a trouble-free recycling process at the end of the product’s functional life.

The striking visual quality of NewspaperWood is the result of its resemblance to wood grain. The manufacturer purposely cuts the many layers of glued newspaper that comprise the raw material to reveal dramatic curvilinear shapes reminiscent of timber products. Despite this close resemblance, it is evident upon close inspection that NewspaperWood is not a virgin lumber material. Nevertheless, it can be processed just like wood—including milling, cutting, and sanding.

Contact: NewspaperWood BV, Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

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