E Ink Prism

May 14, 2017

Programmable color ink tiles

Buildings consist primarily of materials intended to be static and homogeneous. Meanwhile, digital interfaces are typically used episodically in interior spaces, as focal points for interactivity. However, recent developments in lighting and digital technologies enable the fusion of digital interfaces and immersive environments, permitting the creation of continuously transforming architectural surfaces.

E Ink Prism is a tile-based technology that utilizes bistable electronic ink film. The film consists of printing industry pigments that are similar to paint, yet the pigment can be made to appear or disappear as desired—enabling an immediate color transformation of an entire wall or room with the flip of a switch. The durable, low-power tile system expands the capabilities of simple digital interfaces beyond conventional screen-based devices, transforming spaces into graphic or textual information canvases.

Contact: E Ink Holdings Inc., Hsinchu, Taiwan.

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