Helicone HC

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Liquid crystal effect pigments Unlike commonly known inorganic-effect pigment technologies such as interference and metallics, Helicone HC is based on a purely organic polymer. It


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Printing with bacteria A course at the Department of Microbiology at the University of Wageningen taught Jelte van Abbema how to handle bacteria and their


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All-natural air-cleaning paint Developed by Japan-based Suzuran Corporation, Reben is an environmentally remediating paint made from 100 percent natural ingredients. Created as a response to

Clay Paint

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Clay pigment paint with soy-based resin Green Planet Paints offers a clay paint with soy-based resin. Soy replaces the acrylic ingredient used in most conventional

Moss and Lam

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Multidimensional mixed-media surfaces Moss and Lam is a custom art studio based in Toronto. The firm specializes in the design, development, and installation of custom


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Water-repellent paint The leaves of the lotus plant are immaculately clean after every rainfall because dirt and microorganisms are unable to obtain a hold on


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Ultraviolet light-activated scenery UV/FX Scenic Productions has developed a process for intermixing fluorescent paints to achieve a wide spectrum of colors when exposed to ultraviolet


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Photochromic dye James Robinson is a world leader in the development of innovative photochromic dyes. Reversacol is a special dye that reversibly changes color upon