January 27, 2019

DIY biocomposite textile is a playful approach to DIY materials in which anyone can experiment with materials to develop new products. Politecnico di Milano designers Giada Lagorio, Valentina Rognoli, and Marta Rink have used the process to create NeWool, a DIY biocomposite textile. The material consists of repurposed wool fibers, potato starch, and natural pigments. The DIY textile collection includes four different types of fabrics, created using various proportions of wool and potato starch, as well as six color options.

NeWool’s inspiration came from concerns about wool waste disposal and interest in optimizing the production chain for wool in Italy. According to the designers, the material represents a more productive intersection between food chemistry, material-based design, and material engineering than traditional manufacturing processes.

Contact: Giada Lagorio, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

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