4D Printing

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Multi-material shape change 4D Printing is a method for printing customizable smart materials that transform over time. Developed through a collaboration between MIT’s Self-Assembly Lab,


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Kinetic projection surface Hyper-Matrix is a kinetic landscape composed of walls of moving blocks. Created for the Hyundai Motor Group Exhibition Pavilion at the 2012

Flight-Assembled Architecture

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Flying machine-enabled construction Flight Assembled Architecture is a process in which flying machines construct prototype building structures. Developed by ETH Zürich professor Raffaello D’Andrea and


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Single shell photopolymer skin Monocoque stands for a construction technique that supports structural load using an object’s external skin. Contradictory to the traditional design of

Liquid Display

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Ambient liquid-based screen The Liquid Display is an ambient display composed of a screen filled with liquid and programmed air bubbles. Developed by Nicolas Büchi,

3D-Printed Wellboard

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3D-printed corrugated wooden material Wellboard is a lightweight, cellulose-based material pressed into a variety of profiles for use in exhibition, shop and furniture design applications.

SLAP Widgets

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Transparent tangible controls for multi-touch tables SLAP Widgets are tangible controls such as knobs, sliders, buttons, and keyboards for interactive tables. They are made of


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Interactive window The beMerlin interactive screen and shopping window allows unprecedented user interactivity. Thanks to a unique movement tracking system, beMerlin works through a wide

Fractal Table

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Rapid-prototyped fractal growth table Rapid Protoyping offers designers the possibilities to explore complex forms in a direct and rapid way. CAD data is transferred directly

Feather Circuit Boards

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Electronic circuit boards made from chicken feathers and soybeans Richard Wool has recently developed a circuit board made from soybeans and chicken feathers. A professor