Cast Resin

September 2, 2007

Cast polyurethane and polyester resin

Brooklyn-based Charles Hickok has developed techniques for casting polyurethane and polyester-based resins in a wide array of colors, hardnesses, and finishes. Polyurethane may be cast in hard, rubber, or gel formats, and these qualities may be combined in layers for abrasion-resistance. Polyurethane resin is water-clear and UV resistant, and is recommended for both interior and exterior applications. Polyurethane cast resin must be supported every 18 inches, with a maximum overhang of 9 inches.

Polyester resin is less expensive than polyurethane and is not UV resistant or perfectly water-clear. Polyester resin is available only as a hard, smooth surface, with a satin or glossy finish. Polyester resin is more brittle than polyurethane and is especially susceptible to thermal expansion and contraction. It must be supported every 12 inches, with a maximum overhang of 6 inches. Polyester resin is not fire rated, and is only recommended for interior applications.

Contact: Robin Reigi Inc., New York, NY, USA.

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