Wearable Synthesis

May 31, 2008No Comments

Communicative clothing system Researchers at Keio University’s Information Design Laboratory developed clothing designed to signal changing individual conditions. Their conceptual model was based on the

Luminescent Gravel

Feb 17, 2008No Comments

Luminescent-gravel safety flooring S. Lövenstein BV integrates luminescent particles within gravel floors in order to enhance the emergency-exit signage within a building. The particles can


Feb 13, 2008No Comments

Window frame that transforms into a balcony Bloomframe is a window frame that can be transformed into a balcony. Designed by Amsterdam-based Hofman Dujardin Architects,


Jan 26, 2008No Comments

Two-Part Shape Memory Polymer Shape-memory polymers are polymers whose qualities have been altered to give them dynamic shape-memory properties. Under thermal stimuli, shape-memory polymers exhibit

Tide Flowers

Jan 15, 2008No Comments

Tidal register As landscape artist Stacy Levy reminds us: “nature does not stop in the city.” Although most urban rivers exhibit tidal changes, which connects

SensiTile Terrazzo

Dec 20, 2007No Comments

Light reactive concrete Comprised of a light-conducting matrix embedded within a substrate, SensiTiles transport light from one surface point to another by a process called

Protrude, Flow

Dec 16, 2007No Comments

Magnetic fluid art Magnetic fluid is a black liquid that is made by dissolving ferro-magnetic micro-powder in a solvent such as oil or water. The

Digital Dawn

Nov 27, 2007No Comments

Electroluminescent window covering Designed by Rachel Wingfield, Digital Dawn is a textile that responds to environmental stimuli. Digital Dawn functions as a traditional window blind

Kinetic Glass

Nov 07, 2007No Comments

Morphing transparent surface Developed by Soo-in Yang and David Benjamin, Kinetic Glass is a responsive surface that reacts to environmental conditions and changes shape via

Aegis Hyposurface

Sep 22, 2007No Comments

Environmentally-responsive architectural surface Designed by Mark Goulthorpe of dECOi Architects, the Aegis project consists of an interactive mechanical surface that deforms in real-time based on