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Sound-responsive wall Inspired by the natural phenomenon of tropism—in which a plant actively responds to external stimuli—designer Natasa Sljivancanin constructed an intelligent kinetic building system

Intelligent Bioplastic

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Recyclable shape-memory biopolymer Unlike conventional petroleum-based plastics, polylactic acid (PLA) plastic is mass produced by chemical synthesis using raw materials derived from corn. The production

Eterno Luminoso & Lumineo

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Photoluminescent and fluorescent terrazzo Eterno Luminoso and Lumineo add luminescence to terrazzo flooring. Specially treated, masked aggregates can be evenly distributed over the surface or

Hammock Chair

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Folding fabric vessel and suspended knitted seat Designer Nicola Lagan conceived of the Hammock Chair as a means of displaying her Mar(ca) geometric textile research.

Active Protection System

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Smart impact-protection textile Dow Corning’s Active Protection System is a “smart” textile that remains soft and flexible until it is struck by high-impact force, in


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Color-changing textiles Fabcell is a chameleonlike fabric that changes color when conducting an electric charge. Developed by Dr. Akira Wakita’s Information Design Laboratory at Keio

Chronos Chromos Concrete

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Dynamic information display within concrete surfaces Chris Glaister, Afshin Mehin, and Tomas Rosen developed Chronos Chromos Concrete in order to animate a ubiquitous material. Intrigued

IQ Glass

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Radiant-heating glass Spaces clad primarily in glass are often poorly insulated and uncomfortably cold during winter months. Condensation is also a problem when single-pane glass

Light Clip

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Photoluminescent safety-light fixture Light Clip is an escape-route indicator that attaches directly to fluorescent bulbs or tube lights as well as their fixtures. Unlike traditional


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Smart facade for dynamic light transmittance and information display Developed by Sachin Anshuman of Orangevoid, PixelSkin01 is an intelligent cladding system intended to bring information