Light Clip

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Photoluminescent safety-light fixture Light Clip is an escape-route indicator that attaches directly to fluorescent bulbs or tube lights as well as their fixtures. Unlike traditional


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Adjustable bicolor LED light Designed by Yves Béhar for Herman Miller, Leaf is the first light-emitting diode (LED) tabletop light that provides both warm and

Fiber Optic Room

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Fiber optic-wrapped room for dark interiors Fiber Optic Room is designed to bring daylight deep into the interior of large office buildings where the absence

Square Eclipse

Jul 18, 2008No Comments

Light-additive color system Square Eclipse is an additive-color light fixture that uses twenty-four microcontrolled tricolor light-emitting diodes (LEDs) carefully positioned behind the unit to create


Jun 07, 2008No Comments

Translucent illuminated wall system Duo-Gard Industry’s IllumaWALL integrates programmable LED lighting with aluminum-framed translucent glazing to create illuminated exterior and interior walls, skylights, canopies, signage,

Light-Emitting Roof Tiles

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Roof tiles with integrated LEDs The roof has historically focused on one primary function: keeping out the elements. New technologies, as present in Light-Emitting Roof


May 03, 2008No Comments

Solar-powered-LED light fixture Tsola is a recessed LED unit that uses natural daylight to create energy-free lighting and is suitable for both horizontal and vertical

X-Ray Lamp

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Light fixture clad in repurposed x-ray film Working long hours in the lab, cancer-immunology researcher Jahan Khalili was inspired one night to create light fixtures


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Decorative wall light Burstlight is light that appears to explode from the wall surface on which it is mounted. Inspired by spiral growth patterns in


Oct 11, 2007No Comments

Custom emergency light fixture EXIT is a custom exit light produced for the Nasher Sculpture Center in Dallas, Texas, where forty-two fixtures are installed. Interloop