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Prismatic film lighting The Sugarcube lamp uses a special prismatic film that separates white light into the visible spectrum of colors. A linear fluorescent tube


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Interactive lighting modules Mitosis is a modular lighting system that is always changing. Creator NONdesigns’ goal was to redesign the way that lights are turned

JELLY fish

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Sound responsive light object The JELLY fish are playful objects that “come to life” when a viewer’s presence is detected. Constisting of of wire-form bodies,

Nano Liner XB

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Compact linear lighting system The Nano Liner XB series is a slim-profile high-power linear fixture range equipped with 1W or K2 Luxeon LEDs. Owing to


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3D washi parchment Washi architectural parchment has been made for over 500 years in Japan by experienced artisan families. Washi is made from the elongated

Softwall LED

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Expandable illuminated polyethylene partition Softwall + Softblock is a modular, space-shaping system of expandable/compressible honeycomb seating, partitions, and lighting conceived from the desire for flexible,


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Ceramic tube light fixture Designed by Monika Piatkowski, the Fling light is made from industrial ceramic tubes used for temperature measurement in industrial furnaces. The

64pxl Tile Wash

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Image display lighting system Traxon’s 64PXL Tile Wash RGB is a unique lighting element with 64 individually addressable pixels on a 50 x 50 cm

Solar Lampion

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A lantern made of solar cells The Solar Lampion is influenced by traditional paper lampions and structures found in nature, such as the geometric spiralling

Luminous SkyCeilings

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Backlit sky image ceiling system Sky Factory Luminous SkyCeilings are “authentic illusions” of real sky intended to promote comfort and vitality in viewers by transforming