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Fiber-reinforced 100%-recycled-glass precast concrete According to Meld, over seven million tons of glass are sent to landfills each year in the United States alone. EcoX

Eterno Luminoso & Lumineo

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Photoluminescent and fluorescent terrazzo Eterno Luminoso and Lumineo add luminescence to terrazzo flooring. Specially treated, masked aggregates can be evenly distributed over the surface or


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Fiber-reinforced precast concrete Extremeconcrete is a hyper-reinforced concrete that has the density of stone without the heavy weight. Meld’s proprietary reinforcement process distributes two types

Concrete Canvas Shelter

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Rapidly deployable building made from concrete cloth The Concrete Canvas Shelter is a rapidly deployable hardened shelter that requires only water and air for erection.

Walled Paper

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Concrete cladding with decorative relief From a distance Walled Paper appears to be typical applied patterned paper, but it is a concrete panel with a

Underlit Flooring

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Illuminated concrete and glass floor Underlit Flooring is a polished concrete-and-glass flooring system suitable for interior applications, such as kitchens and bathrooms, and various external

Chronos Chromos Concrete

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Dynamic information display within concrete surfaces Chris Glaister, Afshin Mehin, and Tomas Rosen developed Chronos Chromos Concrete in order to animate a ubiquitous material. Intrigued


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Precast concrete with carbon-fiber-grid reinforcement CarbonCast is a precast-concrete technology that uses a carbon-fiber grid for secondary reinforcing or shear transfer, depending on the application.

TX Active

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Pollution-reducing cement TX Active is a photocatalytic cement developed by Italcementi. It decreases the harmful substances present in the air as well as preserves the

Reckli Formliners

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Texturing system for exposed-concrete surfaces While fabrication of textured exposed-concrete surfaces using elastic formliners has been practiced worldwide for more than thirty-five years, Reckli Formliners