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High-volume fly-ash concrete Concrete, a universal construction material synonymous with strength and longevity, is relatively benign in nature. However, the production of Portland cement, which


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Recycled insulating concrete forms Faswall forms are used for building insulated reinforced concrete structures for both residential and commercial construction. The recycled wood chip–based cement


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Lightweight architectural stone Due to more stringent governmental regulations, the exhaustion of natural resources, and enhanced economic objectives, stone is being replaced by alternative materials


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Insulated concrete form Rastra panels are large building blocks with a grid of internal channels that serve as a stay-in-place wall form for residential and

Transbuoyant Concrete

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High tensile strength concrete Architect Peter Jay Zweig and Monotech International, Inc. have developed an innovative, extremely fast, flexible, inexpensive, and environmentally-friendly building system with


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Autoclaved aerated concrete blocks and panels SafeCrete blocks and panels, made from autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC), are noncombustible, inorganic, dimensionally accurate, and durable. The cellular


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Recycled content precast concrete surfacing material Syndecrete is a precast concrete material developed by architect David Hertz at Syndesis, Inc., as an alternative to limited


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Cement composite facade panels Swisspearl panels were specially designed for the ventilated facade system. Made from a high quality cement composite, the incredibly durable panels

Diamond Pier

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Low impact foundation technology The Pin Foundation Diamond Pier is a precast concrete pier and steel pin system that provides a solid foundation that reaches


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Precast masonry units Dan Fette developed LodeStone in order to achieve the appearance of natural stone while providing the consistency and economy of a modular,