Watershed Block

July 1, 2018
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Cement-free concrete masonry unit

Watershed Block is an ecologically responsive and attractive replacement for the traditional concrete block (CMU), one of the most commonly used building materials. Watershed Materials, a technology start-up in Napa, California supported by the National Science Foundation, began development of Watershed Block in 2011. The company reduces the cement in structural masonry with an ultra-high-compaction manufacturing process that mimics the way stone is formed in nature, along with novel designs that take advantage of the aluminosilicates found in aggregates around the world.

Watershed Materials initially reduced the cement by 50 percent, but further materials and manufacturing refinements enabled the complete elimination of cement. The manufacturer accomplishes the removal of cement with several mix designs that explore the geopolymerization of natural aluminosilicates and the reuse of industrial waste products to form unique binding combinations.

Contact: Watershed Materials, Napa, CA, USA.

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