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Kebonized wood based on pine, maple and beech Kebony is a high performance wood that is modified by a process called Kebonization, which is an

Premium Parchment

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Architectural washi parchment Precious Pieces harnesses a half-millenium tradition of making mulberry-fiber parchment in order to provide large, exquisitely crafted pieces of the highest quality


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Glass fiber concrete FibreC is a light-weight, high performance concrete that requires no steel reinforcement. A special extrusion process incorporates layers of fiber glass into

Nano Liner XB

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Compact linear lighting system The Nano Liner XB series is a slim-profile high-power linear fixture range equipped with 1W or K2 Luxeon LEDs. Owing to


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Spread tow carbon fabric TeXtreme is a high-performance carbon fabric used in composites for aerospace, automotive, marine, and other industries. The distinct mechanical properties of


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Cross-linked EVA foam with engineered cell structures Zcell is an engineered foaming cell-structure technology that provides customizable material solutions related to protection requirements. Developed by


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Abrasive polished stainless steel finish InvariBrush is an abrasive polished finish with a deep, rich, uniform texture designed for use in architectural applications. Though similar


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Integral concrete waterproofing admixture and corrosion inhibitor Hycrete’s Element is an environmentally friendly admixture that integrally waterproofs concrete used in commercial construction. Certified Cradle-to-Cradle by


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3D washi parchment Washi architectural parchment has been made for over 500 years in Japan by experienced artisan families. Washi is made from the elongated

Self-Repairing Concrete

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Anti-corrosion, anti-cracking concrete The making of cement—the main ingredient in concrete—produces 8-10% of the world’s CO2. In fact, making one ton of cement generates one