March 15, 2007

High performance translucent glazing

Solera is a high-performance translucent glazing made of glass. As a light diffuser, it is the equivalent of three to four layers of etched glass. Solera allows glare-free light penetration because incoming light is refracted multiple times and will bounce off ceilings and walls deep into interior spaces. It is therefore possible to reduce interior lighting loads as a result.

Solera also possesses very high thermal and acoustic insulation properties. A U-value of 0.20 BTU/s.f./hrF° gives Solera twice the insulating value of a regular double-glazed unit. An STC of 44 is about eight times as attenuating as a regular double-glazed unit.

Specified with any glass (tint, treatment, thickness) from any supplier, Solera integrates well with adjacent vision glass. Solera is ready for integration with any curtain wall, window, or skylight system.

Contact: Advanced Glazings Ltd., Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada.

For more information, see Transmaterial: A Catalog of Materials That Redefine our Physical Environment

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