Drawing Series

January 7, 2018

Sketch-based wireframe furniture

When first encountering one of Korean designer Jinil Park’s Drawing series, the viewer is likely to see the work as a two-dimensional sketch with loosely overlapping lines. However, closer inspection reveals corporeal furniture that occupies space and provides adequate structure for functional use. The concept was born when Park was sketching designs for new pieces, and he realized that the lines in the sketches could be translated directly into physical form.

The Drawing series consists of assemblies of carefully welded steel wires. According to the designer, the key point of the work concerns places where the lines become distorted, as these express the imperfect, emotional qualities of handcrafted drawings. The loose interplay of multiple imprecise lines not only reinforces the drawn aesthetic but also provides the necessary structural support unachievable with a single wire.

Contact: Jinil Park, Seoul, South Korea.

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