3D Weaver

August 27, 2017

Three-dimensional woven textiles

The 3D Weaver is a loom that produces three-dimensional textiles. Developed by designer Oluwaseyi Sosanya, the loom creates resilient textile structures in various patterns using a range of renewable feedstocks, such as paper, wool, and cotton. The machine operates on G-code, a widely used numerical control programming language typically employed in industrial CNC fabrication. The 3D Weaver adopts a structurally robust approach to creating three-dimensional shapes: tubes replace standard warp threads, and the machine pulls the weft threads tightly around the warp elements.

The 3D Weaver can be programmed to produce several patterns. The 0~90 degree design is suitable for taking compressive loads in applications like shoe soles. The Honeycomb pattern, which has a hexagonal structure, is appropriate for impact loads greater than 300 g. The lightweight, flexible ZigZAG weave exhibits auxetic behavior, which means it becomes thicker when elongated. These innovative structured textiles have many potential applications in medical, architecture, vehicle, aerospace, and sportswear industries.

Contact: Sosa Fresh, London, UK.

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