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CO2-sequestering concrete block CarbonCure is a precast concrete technology developed to sequester carbon dioxide. The CarbonCure Block System has been installed across North America at


Light-transmitting concrete Lucem has created a line of

Sep 04, 2023


Continuous light-transmitting concrete Luccon represents a new breed

May 17, 2023


Covalent Organic Framework

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Atom-splitting mesh Researchers at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and the University of California have created a material that splits CO2 atoms into oxygen and


Mobile, micro-scaled sandstone manufacturing plant Peter Trimble’s Dupe

Nov 18, 2023

Morphable Structures

Jammed pseudo-solid materials Jamming is a phenomenon that

Jan 20, 2019



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High-strength metals that behave like plastics In the same way that the inventions of steel in the 1800s and plastic in the 1900s sparked revolutions


Durable, rigid metal panels engineered for sound absorption

Sep 29, 2023

Auto Door

A door that conforms to the contours of

Aug 20, 2023



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Light-transmitting wood Luminoso has embedded optical fibers between layers of solid wood to create a wood material capable of displaying static or moving images. The


Fluorescent trees Researchers at the Research Center for

Jul 16, 2023


Flexible timber forming system Dukta is a timber

Apr 17, 2023

Plastic + Rubber


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Acoustic insulation material made from 100% recycled rubber A recycled rubber wall panel designed to upgrade the sound insulation properties of a party wall in

Bonded Series

Light-filtering honeycomb panels Panelite Bonded Series translucent honeycomb

Sep 09, 2023


A biodegradable plastic made from isolated carbon and

Aug 30, 2023


Livinglass Curves

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Decorative laminated glass in curved profiles Livinglass Curves is the first decorative laminated glass made in curved profiles. Available in an array of interlayer patterns


High-performance honeycomb glazing Panelite’s ClearShade high-performance exterior glazing

Nov 08, 2023


Etched glass mosaic tiles British Columbia-based Interstyle makes

Nov 03, 2023

Paint + Paper


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Pollutant-absorbing paint Ecopaint is a paint that soaks up some of the most noxious gases from vehicle exhausts. The paint is designed to reduce levels

Eden’s Paper

100% plantable paper Eden’s Paper is a gift-wrapping

May 27, 2023

Glass Paint

Silica-based coating Researchers at Johns Hopkins University Applied

Apr 22, 2023



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Transparency-modulating apparel Intimacy is a fashion project exploring the intersection of technology and human interaction. The smart fabric detects the biological condition of its wearer


Aggregate confinement system Presto’s perforated Geoweb cellular confinement

Jun 16, 2023


Mood sensing and communicating apparel The GER Mood

May 07, 2023



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Sunlight-emulating carbon nanotubes In the last ten years, light-emitting diode (LED) lighting has dramatically transformed the field of lighting design. Like its predecessor fluorescent lighting,


Light-based communications LiFi is a Visible Light Communications

Oct 04, 2023

Light-Emitting Wallpap...

Flexible OLED screen panels One of the most

Sep 19, 2023



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Interactive shape-shifting display In 2012, MIT’s Tangible Media Group proposed the idea of radical atoms, a new user-interface paradigm in which atoms become as manipulable

Dynamic Performance ...

Information-driven, Live Data LED Media Wall Situated sensing

Jul 06, 2023

Epidermal Electronic...

Electronic tattoo Epidermal electronic systems are circuitry designed

Mar 23, 2023

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