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Energy-generating concrete DysCrete is a dye-sensitized energy-generating concrete made by coating prefabricated concrete components with layers of organic dyes held in suspension. Dye-sensitized solar cells

Lightning-Processed Co...

Electrodynamic fragmentation-based concrete recycling Although it is possible

Oct 07, 2018

Smart Concrete

Stress-detecting concrete Smart concrete is capable of sensing

Jul 29, 2018


Morphable Structures

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Jammed pseudo-solid materials Jamming is a phenomenon that allows certain complex fluids to behave like solids when their density increases. Granular materials, like sand or

Transparent Armor

Ultrahard spinel glazing material Spinel, or magnesium aluminate,

Dec 23, 2018

Ceramic Paper

Elastic vanadium pentoxide paper Ceramics are among the

Aug 12, 2018


Vermilion Sands

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Living canopy system Vermilion Sands is a living ceiling composed of foliated geotextile modules. The system consists of a steel pipe structure and a grid


Thermobimetal structural shell Exo is a vertical structure

Oct 14, 2018

Air Flow(er)

Thermally regulated ventilation system The Air Flow(er) is

Aug 26, 2018



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Pressed sawdust furniture Sawdust and other types of sawmill residues are typically treated as undesirable by-products of the timber industry and are often incinerated or

Spring Wood

Flexible incised solid wood Spring Wood makes use

Dec 30, 2018

Nanocellulose Solar ...

Solar cell made from trees Although artificial solar

Nov 11, 2018

Plastic + Rubber


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Recycled coffee-based polymer composite Nearly half the biomass of coffee cherries, which are processed to make coffee beans, is discarded as waste. Although various methods

Liquid Crystal Elastom...

Flexible polymer network with liquid crystal ordering Liquid

Dec 09, 2018


Cellular pneumatic membrane PneuSystems is a modular, air-supported

Oct 28, 2018



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Cellular glass thermal insulation Thermal weak spots in building facades, known as thermal bridges, often thwart the goal of more energy-efficient architecture. Buildings commonly exhibit

Porous Glass

Moisture-absorbing plaster inclusion Porous Glass is a flake-based

Nov 25, 2018

Bendable Glass

Fracture-resistant glass At McGill University’s Laboratory for Advanced

Sep 02, 2018

Paint + Paper

Printable Nanosensors

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Printable sensors that indicate material deformation Yeadon Space Agency creates electrically conductive composite materials using carbon nanotube–based inks. The nanotube coatings are durable and moisture


Reverse-processed lumber NewspaperWood reverses the production process of

Feb 17, 2019


Robotically crafted murals Colorspaces are robotically crafted drawing

Dec 16, 2018



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DIY biocomposite textile is a playful approach to DIY materials in which anyone can experiment with materials to develop new products. Politecnico di Milano

Continuous Function

Jute-composite furniture Technology transfer is a potent vehicle

Nov 04, 2018


Color-changing microalgae dye Algaemy is a project that

Sep 23, 2018



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Immersive aqueous projection Waterlicht allows viewers to witness the impossible: a flooded Amsterdam—without water. The immersive light painting is a virtual flood, demonstrating what Netherlands

Light Printing

Volumetric light deposition Demonstrating that matter is not

Oct 21, 2018

Non Linear

Flexible interconnected lighting system Non Linear is a

Jul 22, 2018


Pattern Transfer Nanomanufacturing

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Flexible nanoparticle film generation University of South Carolina scientists have developed an innovative “misuse” of magnetic recording technology with intriguing possibilities. The technology is conventionally

Discovery Wall

Circular lens-based digital display The Discovery Wall is

Sep 16, 2018


Fluid-filled tactile sensor BioTac emulates the sensory capability

Sep 09, 2018

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