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Elevated automobile storage system with integrated dwelling unit CarLoft is a vehicle storage system devised to reframe the city-dweller’s relationship with the automobile. In their


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Recycled-polyethylene pervious-pavement grid system Stabiligrid is an economical, easy-to-install, load-bearing pervious-pavement lattice grid. It is an environmentally sound alternative to pavement, effectively reducing storm-water runoff

City Servings

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Vessels made from repurposed metals City Servings are bowls made from metal washers and discs reclaimed from former industrial uses. Artist Tammy Roy crafts each

Plyboo Neapolitan

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Shredded and compressed bamboo over solid bamboo substrate Made from bamboo-strand technology, Smith and Fong’s Plyboo Neapolitan is a durable, stable, and sustainable alternative to

Copper Curtain Wall

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Copper and copper-alloy facade systems Although copper has been used as a roofing material for centuries, its current application as a curtain-wall material is notable.

Recycled Leather

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Upholstery and tile material made of recycled leather Spinneybeck’s Recycled Leather is taken from shoe-sole scraps, ground up and mixed with a water-based adhesive that


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Flexible polypropylene honeycomb panels Imagine a mix between a beehive and a slinky: Flexicomb is a light-hearted new material that combines the properties of both.

EVA Collection

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Ethylene Vinyl Acetate products EVA is a common hot-melt adhesive or hot glue. Tony Wurman has developed several proprietary techniques for working with this material

Kirei Board

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Sorghum-based architectural millwork material Kirei Board is a finish material with a dramatic grain and eco-friendly properties used for paneling, cabinetry, casework, furniture, retail displays,


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Illuminated canvas Inspired by color and light therapy studies, Andre Keilani designed Therapie to be a singular illuminated canvas that imparts a soothing aura. The