Paper Softwall

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Expandable paper and wool room partition The Paper Softwall is a lightweight freestanding wall that can be arranged into almost any shape or easily compressed


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Translucent honeycomb panels with laminated fiberglass or cast resin facings Panelite panels were developed by architects Emmanuelle Bourlier and Christian Mitman to resolve an architectural


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Electrolytic method for coloring titanium and titanium alloys Titanium and its alloys are widely used based on their chemical resistance and high mechanical performance related


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Cork veneer over recycled paper substrate NovaCork panels are ideal for tackable surface applications located in high-traffic areas. The combination of post-consumer recycled cork and


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High-volume fly-ash concrete Concrete, a universal construction material synonymous with strength and longevity, is relatively benign in nature. However, the production of Portland cement, which


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Hand-cast resin panels with encapsulated three-dimensional objects Lumicast incorporates embedded materials such as textiles, fibers, and organic substances within hand-cast polyester resin panels. Various inks


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Carrera marble pebbles embedded in cast resin Riverstone combines the beauty of Carrera marble with the transparency and uniformity of cast acrylic resin. Riverstone is


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Recycled insulating concrete forms Faswall forms are used for building insulated reinforced concrete structures for both residential and commercial construction. The recycled wood chip–based cement

Krystal Weave Laminates

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Translucent fabric encapsulated in polymer resin sheets Developed by Libby Kowalski, Krystal Weave Laminates capture and isolate fabrics from her Krystal Weave collection in transparent,


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Fused wood and translucent acrylic Luminate combines translucent plastic and wood strips in a rigid panel format, allowing light to filter through a material used