Vault-Structured Metal

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Ultralight patterned metal panels Numerous phenomena can be observed in nature that are the result of controlled self-organization. Bionic vault-structuring is a method to generate

Found Space Tiles

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Profiled ceramic wall tiles Found Space Tiles transform the common into the uncommon. Designers Stephanie Davidson and Georg Rafailidis developed the tiles after seeking greater


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High-contour architectural acrylic R-Cast Textures acrylic material weighs half as much as glass but is 17 times stronger. It is also four times stronger than


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Knitted stainless steel fabric Dream71 is a semi-transparent, ultralight fabric, developed for interior use. It is very drapable and easily conforms its shape to that

Y Blocks

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Cellular ceramic building blocks Y Blocks are a new type of brick system that creates an informally arranged wall or paving surface while utilizing a

G Series

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Recycled glass architectural coating EverGreene’s G Series glass coating system is composed of 100% recycled glass suspended in a natural binder, then hand applied to

Q Blocks

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Multifunctional ceramic building blocks Bricks and tiles, though materially similar, are commonly understood as discrete building materials. Bricks are stacked to produce a solid volume,

Topiary Tile

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Flexible light and sound cushioning material When the International Center of Photography approached Matter to design an installation for presenting isolated audio/visual works for an

Cassini Blocks

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Kidney-shaped ceramic building blocks Designed as a new type of wall system, Cassini Blocks embrace the natural and formal tendencies of ceramics as a starting

No-Limit Panels

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3D sheet metal panels Rubber pad–based metal forming is a technique developed by the aerospace industry. Metaalwarenfabriek Phoenix applies this technique to manufacture double curved