Topo Table

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Customizable table with removable planter/vessels TOPO is a series of Corian tables with built-in reconfigurable landscapes. Plastic inserts drop into the table to create functional


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Sculptural recycled cast glass Once glass is tempered, it cannot be cut. If someone attempts to cut tempered glass, the glass will explode. Companies often

Kerrigan Architectural Tile

May 20, 2009No Comments

High-relief ceramic forms Kerrigan ceramic architectural tiles are the result of Chicago-based designer Bryan Kerrigan’s methodical exploration of dimensionality and texture of the ceramic tile.

Iconic Panels

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Carved MDF relief panels with a formed laminate surface One of the major outcomes of computer-driven fabrication technology is a renewed interest in ornament and

Walled Paper

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Concrete cladding with decorative relief From a distance Walled Paper appears to be typical applied patterned paper, but it is a concrete panel with a


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Multilayered polychromatic wood bench In Ripples, Toyo Ito draws his inspiration from the movement of concentric circles formed when a pebble is thrown into the

Geometric Structure Cushions

Mar 25, 2009No Comments

Shape-memory EVA-foam structures Geometric Structure Cushions are porous skeletal structures that can be flattened and return to their original form. Developed by London-based Lauren Moriarty


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Sculptural pendant light Noodle is an open, gestural squiggle in space—a loose sketch composed of reflective metal. Manufacturer Korban/Flaubert describes the highly expressive sculptural light

Soft Shelf

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Flexible shelf made from industrial-grade felt Typical shelving systems retain the same configuration when fully utilized or when empty. Developed by Lateral Architecture, Soft Shelf

Kiln Glass Textures

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Textured, translucent cast glass Preferred for its ability to deliver transparency and views, glass has typically been appreciated for its ability to nearly disappear; its