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Rainwater H2OG

Mar 23, 2017No Comments

LLDPE rainwater storage module Essentially a water-filled building block, Rainwater H2OG is a 51 gallon reuseable, food grade water storage module which works horizontally or vertically to provide rainwater or greywater storage either within building structure


Expanding Helicoid

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Angulated scissor linkage Beginning as a tight cluster, the Expanding Helicoid smoothly expands to fill the spiral staircase of the science museum in which it is housed. Visitors have the remarkable sensation of being inside the


Hoberman Arch

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Retractable arch The Hoberman Arch is a 72-foot-diameter transforming “curtain” composed of two main parts: a matrix of movable panels and a static arch that supports those panels. Hoberman’s concept of the screen was to use


Iris Dome

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Dome-based retractable roof Iris Dome is a retractable roof that opens and closes like the iris of an eye, transforming the space inside smoothly between indoors and outdoors. Metal struts simultaneously carry the load and articulate



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Ceramic tube light fixture Designed by Monika Piatkowski, the Fling light is made from industrial ceramic tubes used for temperature measurement in industrial furnaces. The design capitalizes upon the beauty of a raw industrial material and


Made to Measure

Mar 23, 2017No Comments

Adjustable stool Frustrated by the number of times a stool didn’t quite suit the height of the surface it was selected for, Monika Piatkowski designed the Made to Measure stool—a customizable solution with built-in saw and



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Structural foams Henkel’s series of Terocore foams consist of heat-activated or two-component epoxy foam products for structural applications such as reinforcement, durability and crashworthiness. They are effectively being used in automotive and other industries to achieve



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Structurally Integrated Transparent solar façade system SITumbra is a passive solar façade system that mediates between the seasons to reduce solar heat gain in summer and allow useful solar transmission in the winter. The shading configuration



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Zero energy media wall GreenPix is the first Zero Energy Media Wall, absorbing solar energy during the day and then powering the media wall at night. The panels can be used to create stunning media effects



Mar 23, 2017No Comments

Illuminated living wall MYPODLife is a living wall and light box made of DuPont Corian. Part of an ongoing investigation into living wall technologies, MYPODLife operates as an air filter, improving indoor environmental quality and removing