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Plug-in-play building monitoring system Researchers at KieranTimberlake have developed a Wireless Sensor Network to monitor building performance and behavior. Seeking to make buildings as climate sensitive and responsive as our bodies, the researchers have created a



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Ultralight metallic cellular material Inspired by the lattice structures of ambitious works of engineering, such as the Eiffel Tower and the Golden Gate Bridge, researchers at HRL Laboratories have developed one of the world’s lightest materials.



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Cellulose-based polymer One of the first plastics was made from cellulose. In 1855 scientist Alexander Parkes created the first thermoplastic out of nitrocellulose and camphor. Later named celluloid in 1872, the material became the basis for


Chitosan Bioplastic

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Chitin-based biodegradable polymer Scientists at Harvard University’s Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering have developed a new biopolymer that mimics the toughness, durability, and flexibility of natural insect cuticle. A biological composite with a structure akin



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Smart foil responsive surface Lotus is a responsive surface made of pieces of smart foil that fold open in response to human proximity. When one approaches Lotus, hundreds of aluminum foils unfold themselves automatically, creating voids



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Bricks made from salvaged building materials WasteBasedBrick originated in Eindhoven, Netherlands, home to the Design Academy, where Tom van Soest was a student. He noted that many buildings in Eindhoven were abandoned and left to deteriorate,


Solar Roadways

Jan 28, 2018No Comments

Electricity-generating solar road modules To be most effective, solar power requires an expansive area for energy harvesting as well as a limited distance across which it must convey the electricity produced, to avoid significant signal reduction.

lnterfloat, Ruggell, Liechtenstein (lnterfloat.jpg)Credit: Photographer: Michael Fent

Solar Activated Facade

Jan 21, 2018No Comments

Solar thermal glass and wood cladding system Conventional facades attempt to decouple the building interior from the exterior. The Solar Activated Facade (SAF) is designed to bridge inside and outside via a thermally activated buffer. Originally


Fibonacci’s Mashrabiya

Jan 14, 2018No Comments

Fractal-based environmental screen Mashrabiya is an Arabic term for a type of bay window with carved wooden latticework. A traditional element of Arabic architecture, the screen device permits the passage of air and access to views


Drawing Series

Jan 07, 2018No Comments

Sketch-based wireframe furniture When first encountering one of Korean designer Jinil Park’s Drawing series, the viewer is likely to see the work as a two-dimensional sketch with loosely overlapping lines. However, closer inspection reveals corporeal furniture