February 4, 2018

Bricks made from salvaged building materials

WasteBasedBrick originated in Eindhoven, Netherlands, home to the Design Academy, where Tom van Soest was a student. He noted that many buildings in Eindhoven were abandoned and left to deteriorate, the forgotten products of a prior real estate boom.

In 2012 Van Soest founded StoneCycling as a cradle-to-cradle solution for these decaying structures. The company utilizes demolition and industrial waste as raw resources for creating new products with a higher value. StoneCycling collects waste and separates it according to various materials and colors. The company’s first offering, WasteBasedBricks, is a collection of bricks available in six different hues, which may be left raw or ground to expose their repurposed mineral composition.

StoneCycling hosts a “Your waste, your brick” program in partnership with real estate owners, municipalities, and architects to develop custom WasteBasedBricks from existing properties slated for demolition.

Contact: StoneCycling BV, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

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