January 26, 2008

Two-Part Shape Memory Polymer

Shape-memory polymers are polymers whose qualities have been altered to give them dynamic shape-memory properties. Under thermal stimuli, shape-memory polymers exhibit a radical change from a rigid polymer to a very elastic state then back to a rigid state again. Veriflex is a patented, two-part, fully formable thermoset shape-memory polymer resin system available for customers to cast into shapes for their distinct applications.

The resin can also be obtained in a cured state in sheets or processed in customers’ custom molds. Heated above its activation temperature and in its elastic state, cured Veriflex can be twisted, pulled, bent, and stretched, reaching up to 200 percent elongation. If constrained while cooled, the polymer hardens and can maintain its new deformed configuration indefinitely. When heated above its activation temperature again, this polymer “remembers” or returns to the shape in which it was cured. This process can be repeated indefinitely without loss of the memory shape or degradation of the material.

Contact: Cornerstone Research Group Inc., Dayton, OH, USA.

For more information, see Transmaterial 2: A Catalog of Materials That Redefine our Physical Environment


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