June 18, 2017

Mossy wood encapsulated in resin

Belluno, Italy–based design firm Alcarol aims to imbue its wood furniture with visual memories of the forests from which it originates. The firm sources lumber from fallen trees in the Italian Dolomites mountains, which feature a rich undergrowth of brightly colored mosses and lichens. The designers intentionally cut the wood in a way that preserves its natural, rough edges, which are covered with these chlorophyll-infused organisms. They then cast these plants in clear resin to maintain this colorful state and impart an aqueous visual effect.

Undergrowth furniture pieces are self-supporting structures with edges of embedded mossy bark. This unexpected internal contrast between the smooth planks and the irregular edges creates a dialogue between a found natural phenomenon and a refined, human-crafted object. The panels of the console units are joined at the corners to resemble a single bent piece, and the resin is made in one uniform cast.

Contact: Alcarol, Belluno, Italy.

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