Ultra-Lite Stone

August 10, 2007

Honeycomb-reinforced lightweight stone panels

Ultra-Lite Stone Panels combine the aerospace technology of aluminum honeycomb structures with the natural purity of granite, marble or limestone. Ultra-Lite Stone is particularly suitable for interior or exterior applications typically considered weight or cost-prohibitive.

The honeycomb-reinforced panels present the beauty of natural stone yet eliminate its fragile, brittle properties, since the reinforcing gives the panels high impact and flexural strength. For instance, Ultra-Lite Stone can resist up to 60 times more impact than 3 cm solid granite. These panels can also be flexed, making them ideal for seismic locations.

Ultra-Lite Stone is impervious to water penetration, even with open structured stones such as travertine. The fiber-reinforced epoxy skin, located directly behind the stone, provides a waterproof barrier which eliminates the need for a secondary layer of protection.

Ultra-Lite Stone Panels are available in nearly unlimited choices of natural marble, granite and limestone from quarries throughout the world. Several finishes are available, including polished, honed, sandblasted, flamed, antiqued, and bush-hammered surfaces.

Contact: Stone Panels, Inc., Coppell, Texas, USA.

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