Tri-Chord Steel

March 27, 2007

Thermally-efficient steel framing system

A recycled steel stud system can be an environmentally superior choice to virgin wood studs, but thermal bridging between the highly conductive steel studs and the building envelope presents a challenge for energy-efficient design. Tri-Chord Steel Systems manufacturers the most thermally efficient steel framing components available. Tri-Chord studs have the highest thermal, seismic, acoustic, and fire ratings for steel framing and will meet the thermal transference of wood. Tri-Chord Steel Studs are structural and will carry up to 5,170 pounds per stud. They are also one-hour fire rated on load bearing interior and exterior walls.

The Tri-Chord Stud and Truss Systems were designed to minimize thermal bridging, and contain sixty-six to sixty-eight percent post-consumer recycled content from wrecked automobiles and other sources. In profile, the studs and trusses have triangular sections at each edge and discreet webs spanning the wall cavity, instead of a solid heat-conducting steel webs. Tri-Chord Steel also offers floor trusses (CRS), which span great distances due to the strength of the triangular profile.

Contact: Tri-Chord Steel Systems, Inc., Phoenix, Arizona, USA.

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