Strandwoven Bamboo

January 24, 2007

Compressed and densified bamboo hardwood flooring

Strandwoven bamboo is one of the most durable hardwoods known. Used typically for hardwood flooring (and other millwork components), Strandwoven bamboo is suitable both in residential and high-traffic commercial applications. Thin filaments of bamboo are mixed in a low-VOC heat sensitive resin and compressed under intense pressures to form a consistent and extremely dense log/ beam. This log is then milled into the required dimension.

Strandwoven bamboo is not only superior in its hardness and stability, it is also superior in its environmental attributes. Bamboo is a grass and grows up to sixty feet in height in a couple of months, at which time it is left to internally mature before harvesting. Unmatched with any other wood used in construction, Strandwoven bamboo uses eighty-four percent of the raw material harvested (for comparison, “traditional” bamboo flooring, which uses material significantly more effectively than any other wood, uses only sixty-five percent of the raw material harvested) in addition to using a significant percentage of postindustrial scrap, which would otherwise be burned.

Contact: Strandwoven Wood Company, Boulder, Colorado, USA.

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