July 28, 2010

Solar-powered sun-shading media wall

SolPix is a patented solar-powered media wall for medium- to large-scale installations in new construction or existing buildings. Developed by Simone Giostra, SolPix is a completely integrated system for power production and sun shading, and also acts as a digital screen. SolPix allows for dynamic content display, including playback videos, interactive performances, and live- and user-generated content. The “intelligent skin” interacts with building interiors and external public spaces using embedded, custom-designed software, transforming a building facade into a responsive environment for entertainment and public engagement.

The panels can be used to create stunning media effects on very large building envelopes that are viewable from both inside and outside a building. The photovoltaic system does not need to be in direct sunlight to work, and will generate electricity even on cloudy days. The panels have a power warranty of twenty years and are expected to generate power for fifty years.

SolPix allows daylight into the building while reducing its exposure to direct sunlight. The sunshading elements provide unobstructed outside views from the building interior, while lending a contemporary texture to the building exterior. The horizontal or vertical panels can be mounted at a preferred angle or can be rotated in order to maximize exposure to direct sunlight.

Contact: SolPix LLC, Brooklyn, NY, USA.

For more information, see Transmaterial 3: A Catalog of Materials that Redefine our Physical Environment

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