April 29, 2018

Solar energy harvesting window

Global energy demand continues to increase, and U.S. electricity demand alone is expected to grow 40 percent by 2032. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, commercial buildings consume more than one-third of this electricity. SolarWindow uses a transparent layer of organic photovoltaics (OPV) to harness energy at the location of building apertures. Designed especially for installation in high-rises, SolarWindow addresses the need to produce renewable energy for a structure with limited rooftop space. Unlike conventional photovoltaic systems, SolarWindow coatings may be applied to all sides of buildings, as they generate electricity in both natural and artificial light, including shaded, diffuse, and reflected lighting conditions.

The company’s proprietary power production and financial model uses photovoltaic modeling calculations to evaluate and estimate renewable energy for a photovoltaic project. The power and financial model estimator takes into consideration geographic location, solar radiation for flat-plate collectors, climate zone energy use, and generalized building characteristics when estimating photovoltaic energy production and CO2 equivalents.

Contact: SolarWindow Technologies, Inc., Columbia, MD, USA.

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