Smog Free Project

January 15, 2017

Air purifying tower that creates compressed smog

Netherlands-based Studio Roosegaarde has created what it calls the largest vacuum cleaner for smog in the world. Designed as an industrial-strength air purifier for public spaces, the Smog Free Tower employs ion-based filtration technology to create zones of clean air. The fundraising campaign for the first tower included the sale of rings and cuff links containing dense cubes of compressed smog particles—souvenirs of the eradicated pollution. Consumers who purchased these artifacts indirectly donated 1,000 m3 of clean air to benefit the public.

The Smog Free Project does not represent a final solution; rather, it is an installation that allows visitors to experience the benefits of clean air. In 2014 the first 7 m high Smog Free Tower equipped with low-energy ion technology opened to the public in Rotterdam, and it has since been traveling around the globe. The tower cleans 30,000 m3 of air per hour and runs on 1,400 watts of renewable energy.

Contact: Studio Roosegaarde, Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

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