Reynobond with Kevlar

February 13, 2010
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Kevlar-coated aluminum composite panel

The devastating power of hurricanes has had a memorable impact in recent years, and damage caused by windborne debris has destroyed many commercial structures. Alcoa has developed a new hurricane-resistant panel made with DuPont Kevlar—a material five times as strong as steel by weight. Reynobond with Kevlar adds a thin layer of Kevlar fabric to a polyethylene core, making a light weight panel that does not require heavy backer materials.

Reynobond with Kevlar can achieve complex design specifications such as angles and curves, while offering the flat, smooth and consistent surface that aluminum composite panels are known for. Available in standard Kynar/PVDF resin-based paint systems with 20-year performance warranties, maintenance costs are lower than for concrete, brick and stucco. Reynobond with Kevlar installed with the Alcoa-designed extrusions is the first aluminum composite panel system to eliminate the need for protective backer materials such as plywood, steel or concrete. Panel modules can be shop-fabricated and quickly installed onto structural steel studs on the jobsite. This process not only decreases the material cost of installation, but also reduces on-site labor requirements, leading to a faster installation with costs comparable to—and often less than—those of brick, EFIS and stucco.

Reynobond with Kevlar is the only stand-alone aluminum composite material that meets the stringent requirements of the Miami-Dade Building Code. Installed utilizing Alcoa-designed extrusions, it is engineered to sustain hurricane-force winds while passing small and large missile impact tests in Alcoa-sponsored trials.

Contact: Alcoa Architectural Products, Eastman, GA, USA.

For more information, see Transmaterial 3: A Catalog of Materials that Redefine our Physical Environment

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