October 23, 2006

Photochromic dye

James Robinson is a world leader in the development of innovative photochromic dyes. Reversacol is a special dye that reversibly changes color upon exposure to ultraviolet sources, such as sunlight. Reversacol photochromic dyes are offered in twenty vibrant colors. There is also a range of unique single-molecule photochromic grays, which offer the advantage of achieving a neutral color without the need to mix several dyes.

Reversacol can be added to plastics, inks and coatings, and applications including, but not limited to, ophthalmic photochromic lenses and sunglasses, security inks and coatings for passports and brand protection, perfume and cosmetic packaging, optical switches, mobile phone covers, ski and sportswear, and nail varnish.

Reversacol photochromics can be combined with a wide range of special-effect colorants, such as light angle–dependent interference pigments, thermochromics, liquid crystals, and permanent dyes to produce unusual photochromic effects.

Contact: James Robinson Ltd., West Yorkshire, UK.

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