January 19, 2008
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Transparent metal-free window film

Traditional window films peel, bubble, corrode, and leave a metallic glare on windows. 3M, however, has developed the first clear, metal-free window film. The Prestige series blocks up to 99.9 percent of ultraviolet rays, rejects 63 percent of solar heat, and even holds together glass shattered during hurricanes. Prestige film will not darken windows like traditional films.

Constructed using a combination of nanoparticles and polyester films that are over 200 layers thick, the Prestige series film is actually thinner than a Post-it note. The film utilizes the optical properties present in the layers of nanoparticles, allowing light from the visible spectrum to pass through while deflecting ultraviolet and infrared wavelengths. The Prestige series also contains a specially engineered adhesive that is guaranteed to last the lifetime of the window.

Contact: 3M, Saint Paul, MN, USA.

For more information, see Transmaterial 2: A Catalog of Materials That Redefine our Physical Environment

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