Photovol Glass

December 12, 2006
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Semitransparent photovoltaic glazing panel

Photovol Glass transforms any glazed surface into an environmentally-sound power station and effective shading device. During the manufacturing process, a laser carves a series of fine dotted lines in the ultra thin amorphous silicon cells encapsulated within the glass. The remaining silicon generates up to 44W of electricity per square meter while allowing 10% of visible light to be transmitted through the panel. This level of light transmission allows for visibility while protecting against excessive solar heat gain, glare, and the damaging effects of UV rays.

At 1 m2 framed, Photovol Glass is designed to fit a wide range of building applications such as curtain wall, eaves, skylights, etc. Its aesthetic finish and edge-mounted electrical connection system provide a crisp appearance. Photovol Glass comes standard as a laminated glass unit with junction box and MC connectors for easy installation. It is offered in either 10 mm standard or 13 mm strengthened glass thicknesses, and custom sizes and glazing options are available.

Due to its unique uniform finish, Photovol Glass also functions as a display screen, allowing the panel to be utilized both day and night. It is also possible to harness the energy produced by the panels to power high-efficiency LED lighting, which allows for a variety of interesting design opportunities.

Contact: MSK Corporation, Tokyo, Japan.

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