June 5, 2006

Sunlight transporting system

Parans Daylight AB has developed a sunlight transmission system for buildings that consists of three parts: the light-collecting panel, SkyPort; the light transporting cable, SunWire; and the light emitting luminaries, Björk.

The patent pending SkyPort is Parans’s primary innovation. Two layers of optics are mounted inside the panels, each consisting of 576 lenses made from the polymer PMMA. The upper layer tracks the sun, adjusted by a sun-tracking sensor, electronics, and stepping motors. Each installation is specified according to the amount of light required and how far it should be transported. The SkyPort panels are easily mounted to any roof structure.

The flexible SunWire cable transports the sunlight captured by the SkyPort panels via bundled fiber optic cables. SunWire is designed for easy installation, even in existing buildings.

The Björk luminaires emit the transported sunlight as a mixture of parallel light beams and ambient light, just as when the sun strikes through the foliage of a forest (hence the name Björk, which is Swedish for birch tree).

The Parans system allows building occupants to monitor the weather even in the absence of windows or skylights, thus re-establishing a connection with the outside environment. Natural light has been proven to help regulate human body functions, such as body temperature, awareness, and immune system activity.

Contact: Parans Daylight AB, Göteborg, Sweden.

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