February 11, 2018

Smart foil responsive surface

Lotus is a responsive surface made of pieces of smart foil that fold open in response to human proximity. When one approaches Lotus, hundreds of aluminum foils unfold themselves automatically, creating voids where the pieces fold away from each other. The smart foil, developed by Studio Roosegaarde and collaborating manufacturers, is composed of several thin layers of Mylar and aluminum that open when illuminated by the heat of interior lights. The responsive surface effectively tunes the materiality of the wall, transforming an opaque boundary into a visually permeable mesh.

Studio Roosegaarde has installed Lotus in two formats. Lotus Dome is a spherical vault made of hundreds of the “smart flowers,” and Lotus 7.0 is a curved wall with vertically oriented smart foils.

Contact: Studio Roosegaarde, Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

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