Intaglio Composites

March 8, 2007

Photographic imaging in concrete

Employing a combination of chemistry, high-tech equipment, concrete expertise, and graphical technology, Intaglio Composites can permanently integrate any high resolution image into the surface of precast concrete. The exposed aggregate of the concrete surface effectively becomes the transferred image; therefore, the aggregate size is determined based on the amount of desired image detail and surface image depth.

Intaglio Composites uses a high-performance self consolidating concrete (SCC) to create a higher-strength, denser, less-permeable concrete. They also use an unlimited range of pigments and additional pozzolanic materials to produce a high-quality finish in order to achieve the greatest contrast between the smooth surface and the etched impressions in the concrete. The imagery selected is the most important aspect of this process since contrast, clarity, and quality dictate the outcome of any work.

Contact: Intaglio Composites, Arlington, Texas, USA.

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