Imagine Tile

December 20, 2006

Digital image-fired ceramic tile

Imagine Tile, Inc. can take any two-dimensional image and incorporate it into the glaze of an incredibly vivid, commercially-rated ceramic tile. Imagine Tile uses a patented process which treats ceramic glazes like printing inks. Pure minerals and ores are ground micro-fine and suspended in a liquid to produce substances similar to printing inks. The mineral and ore-based image is printed and coated with a refractory material that creates a glass finish. Once the tile is fired at approximately 2,600 degrees Fahrenheit, the glazes fuse with the body of the tile. The result is a graphic and durable decorative tile.

Imagine Tile meets or exceeds ASTM standards for commercial floor and wall applications, and independent tests certify that the product is frost-proof, UV and chemical resistant, as well as ADA compliant. Moreover, Imagine Tile possesses a surface MOH rating of 7 or higher. The product is supplied with a five-year manufacturer warranty.

Contact: Imagine Tile, Inc., Bloomfield, New Jersey, USA.

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